gridview to Excel Export Tool 1.3.2

gridview to Excel Export Tool 1.3.2



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Cefal+a Ing. Ettore

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This tool enables any ASPX developer to export data in tabular form to Excel in a matter of seconds. It consists mainly of a dll you install on your machine. After referencing the dll from your web site you can export data to Excel 2003/2007 by writing, in most cases, two lines of codes. Neither Office or VSTO or other software installation is required. You simply need .Net Framework 3.5. By using this tool you can: 1) export data from Sqldatasource, Dataview and ObjectDataSource to Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 2) use always the same code to export data from different data sources 3) choose which columns to export 4) either infer Excel Column Headers from Gridview Column Headers or set them manually 5) obtain Multiple Sheets Excel 2003 and/or Excel 2007 Workbook by providing one Datasource for each Excel Sheet 6) add hyperlink columns to your export by specifying the href column and text column you want to display 7) make your sheets to have a Total line at the bottom of the sheets (with real Excel formulas) 8) add Percentages columns to your sheets. They may be computed between two values on the same line or a value and a column total (with real Excel formulas). 9) display a Title line on each Excel Sheet 10) provide already filter ready Excel Sheets sparing the user this activity 11) provide already frozen panes Excel Sheet so that the user can scroll data without losing sight of column headers 12) either display the Excel Export immediately to the User or zip it and send it via email The capability to export data from Dataview virtually enables you to extract data from any datatable and, consequently, from any database or datasource which you can feed a datatable from.

Systems: Windows

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